Volume 20 Number 23 November 25, 2019

Talking to Teachers about Reading and Teaching with Comics: Pedagogical Manifestations of Curiosity and Humility

David Lewkowich
University of Alberta, Canada

Citation: Lewkowich, D. (2019). Talking to teachers about reading and teaching with comics: Pedagogical manifestations of curiosity and humility. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 20(23). Retrieved from


pk10冠亚军和值6码计划 this paper explores how english teachers are currently using comics in their classrooms, and how they describe the problems and benefits of working with this curious textual form. as an educational researcher, i am interested in how the experimental ethos of comics can influence classroom practice in a similarly experimental fashion, and it was with this open question that i decided to ask fifteen high school english teachers how they teach with comics, and whether and how they feel their teaching practice and classroom environment has been affected and enlivened by the inclusion of these texts. in organizing this paper, i proceed as follows: i describe my own preoccupations; i provide a short description of the technical elements of comics reading; i describe how teachers open their studies, and consider the teaching strategies that they employ; and lastly, i discuss their rationales for using this particular art form.

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